Students who graduate from Ohio career tech high school programs can receive credit for college courses that duplicate the experience the student had in high school.  Click here to download a chart comparing the types of credit available to career tech students.

Articulated Credit

Articulated credit is not recognized on a student’s college transcript until that student enrolls in a college that is authorized to confer the particular credit.  Colleges use various codes to identify ungraded credit. This non-grade transcripted credit is based on secondary teacher certification or college test-out procedures.

Transcripted Credit 

Transcripted Credit is recognized on a student’s college transcript upon successful completion of the college course.  The high school student is enrolled at the college at the time the student is taking the college course. 

Bilateral Articulation 

CTAG Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2

College Credit Plus (CCP)  (Dual Enrollment)