Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is implementing a new system to submit documentation required for career tech program approval.  Ohio Tech Prep regional centers have an essential role assisting school districts in developing meaningful programs of study and CTE-26 documentation.


The CTE-26/POS is due by March 1, 2017 for the following pathways:

Any new pathway(s) that you are adding

Transportation- Ground and Air

Arts & Communication

Human Services- Cosmetology 

Culinary & Hospitality

Public Administration 


The new CTE-26/POS will be web-based; a SAFE account is required to access the application. (See career techncial login roles)

The district superintendent must authorize access to the CTE-26/POS in Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) for anyone who needs access to the CTE-26/POS.

Only CTPD superintendents, or their designee, will be authorized to submit for approval a completed CTE-26/POS to ODE. Tech Prep staff will NOT have the ability to submit a CTE-26/POS to ODE

Only ODE consultants will have final approval

The owner of the CTE program will start the CTE-26/POS. They will enter local information such as: district IRN, building IRN, pathway code and the secondary pathway including all academic and CTE courses

Once the school has completed their part of the process, Tech Prep staff will assist with the postsecondary pathway. Tech Prep will also review the CTE-26/POS. The Tech Prep review will follow a rubric provided by ODE.

Courses identified as CC (college credit) on the CTE-26/POS are not binding on the college. These courses are only a representation of college credits that can be earned.

At this time the local superintendent will approve the CTE-26/POS and it will be ready for the CTPD superintendent, or designee, to approve, disapprove or take no action. The CTPD will submit the CTE-26/POS to ODE for approval or disapproval. If the CTPD owns the CTE program, submittal to ODE will be a one-step process.


The Southwest Regional Center will offer hands-on training and CTE-26 preparation bringing the workshop to you. To assist each CTPD and all local, community or charter schools within a CTPD:

A regional consultant will work with each CTPD to set a date that works best to provide training on the new CTE-26/POS.

Depending on your needs, we can have one, two or more Tech Prep consultants at your local workshops. Tech Prep consultants will work collaboratively to provide the level of service your CTPD requires.

We recommend that each CTPD invite their feeder, community and charter schools to this training.   This will help facilitate and ensure that your partner schools are meeting your requirements for CTE-26/POS submissions.


Katie Bauer– Centerville City Schools, Dayton City Schools, Greene County Career Center, Mad River Local School District, Miami Valley CTC

Rita Graf– Lawrence County JVSD, Ohio Valley Local School District, Pike County JVSD, Scioto County JVSD, Southern Hills Career Center

Terry Benedict– Cincinnati City School District, Great Oaks Institute of Technology, U.S. Grant JVSD

Katie Bauer and Terry Benedict—Butler Technology & Career Development, Hamilton City School District, Warren County JVSD

If your CTPD wants any additional Tech Prep consultant support, please let us know and we will do our best to support your request. The Southwest Region consultants will also assist with pathways that are not available in our region. 

To schedule assistance, please use our contact form